Places & surroundings
The Val di Chiana takes its name from the name of canal that allowed the reclamation from swampy lake to productive land to cultivate. Home of the famous "White Beast", a Chianina cattle that has been selected in this valley as a working animal.
Pieve della Sassaia di Rigutino
The Church of Rigutino in Rigutino is an old church built around in year 1000 AD. You can reach it in a short walk from the farm.
Borgo di Castiglion Fionrentino
Pieve della Sassaia di Rigutino
Castiglion Fiorentino is a small village at approximately 5 km from the farm Il Cipresso.

Defended on a hill it has maintained all its fascination intact.
Encircled from its it walls still integral and complete, it encloses many alleys and historical monuments to visit and to discover.

The country was inhabited in remote ages but we have testimonies of a stable settlement from the Etruscan age around year 500 BC.

Inside of its it walls can be admired the church of Saint Francesco with its magnificent cloister of the 1600 AD, the Old Church (16th century), the Communal Pinacoteca and Palazzo Pretorio, in which Etruscan finds are exposed.

A beautiful walk following the walls carries to the tower of the Cassero from which going up you can admire a total view of the country.

The gardens in front of the tower offer a magnificent view on the valdichiana until the Lago Trasimeno between Umbria and Tuscany.

But above all don't you miss the occasion to sip a good wine under the Vasariane loggias (those in the photo) in front of the communal palace. The original arcade was planned by the architect, carver, painter and historian Vasari, it is a true jewel.
You will notice that the columns of the porch have suffered the insults of the time and in the centuries they have been folded towards outside.
Moreover at the center of the arcade there is a sort of balcony that views on the Val of Chio from which it seems to be able to fly.

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Activities & Courses
Cooking Class Farm Il Cipresso
Cooking classes for small groups, from farm to table !
Fattoria Il Cipresso - Passeggiate a Cavallo
Admire the Tuscan countryside riding a horse starting from the Farm! a really exciting experience in contact with nature.
Caratello Vinsato
How do we make Vinsanto? A history of 10 years, starting from the collection of white grapes in September and proceeding with the slow drying of the grapes ..... until the final product! Why not to come and make a unique experience for the opening of the Caratelli (kegs)!
Where you can eat
La Tabaccaia
The selling point of our company, where you can purchase products and taste wine, oil, meats, cheeses and much more.