Places & surroundings
The Val di Chiana takes its name from the name of canal that allowed the reclamation from swampy lake to productive land to cultivate. Home of the famous "White Beast", a Chianina cattle that has been selected in this valley as a working animal.
Pieve della Sassaia di Rigutino
The Church of Rigutino in Rigutino is an old church built around in year 1000 AD. You can reach it in a short walk from the farm.
Borgo di Castiglion Fionrentino
The medieval village of Etruscan origin, 7 km from the farm Il Cipresso will surprise you with its narrow streets full of history, its churches and its magnificent view.
Borgo di Castiglion Fionrentino
If you are curious passionate about particular wines and you want to learn more about how you produce it, a visit in the company during the period of the VinSanto is perfect for you! The story of one bottle of VinSanto begins during the period of harvest in September.
On the farm before collecting the red grapes, we start with what we call the "grape choice."  More attentive and more experienced collectors start with best quality grapes Trebbiano and Malvasia. The choice of the bunch is very important to make a good vinsanto, bunches in fact must be clearly mature and not damaged.

Then are left to dry on cane mats called "racks" until Christmas.

Who knows if the name Vinsanto depends on the period in which it is made or by the fact that it is the wine used in the Church during the mass, it is certain that in Tuscany this is the wine of friendship and on the country we use to welcome friends and guests with a 'goccino' of vinsanto!

In the Christmas period between December 20 and January 6, we can assist to the most charming production of Vinsanto.

The pressing of the grapes
: a first step the crushing the grapes. The "Frangolatrice" is a still manually operated tool that allows you to break the skin of the grape, so that the juice contained inside can escape during pressing. The grapes are then pressed using an ancient wine press with oak wooden slats. The valuable grape harvest is put into barrels to be brought into the area called 'Vinsantaia'.

From about 100 kg of grapes harvested in September we extract only 25 kg of must!

In the Vinsantaia: harvest must in carboys is transported in the area and prepared to be put to rest in small oak barrels called Caratelli and sealed to ensure absolute serenity in its 10 years of well-deserved rest before comint again to the light!

"Scaratellare" il Vinsanto: …. but before the Rest … well, the most interesting phase of the entire process. The Kegs before being filled in with the must have to be emptied of their precious cargo. Wax Lacquer which has been sealing for so long is gently removed using a chisel and a hammer. Then the Cork is removed ... and it seems incredible but the perfume that lures each caratello is always different, and soon the whole area is invaded by an intense and persistent perfume. It is a unique experience and different every year.

The transfer of Vinsanto
: open Kegs shall not suffer any movement or vibration so as not to move the "mother" deposited in the bottom of the barrel. A tube attached to a rod is inserted gently up to touch the bottom, then the Vinsanto is moved in small barrels where it will spend a few months before being bottled.

If you're curious and want to participate, we will be happy …to have some help, there is always so much work here!

Activities & Courses
Cooking Class Farm Il Cipresso
Cooking classes for small groups, from farm to table !
Fattoria Il Cipresso - Passeggiate a Cavallo
Admire the Tuscan countryside riding a horse starting from the Farm! a really exciting experience in contact with nature.
Where you can eat
La Tabaccaia
The selling point of our company, where you can purchase products and taste wine, oil, meats, cheeses and much more.