Acacia Honey 2009

The acacia is a tree that grows in our country mainly along the rivers and can reproduce very quickly, often in fact where there is one it forms real woods.
In the month of May it blooms with its characteristic drooping clusters, emanating a sweet and fruity scent. The bees can not resist! it is the plant with the greatest amount of nectar daily. The nectar is important, not only because from it the bees produce honey, but especially for the process of pollination. In fact almost all the flowers produce nectar, it is an ingenious system that nature has put in place to ensure that the insects attracted by the nature of the sweet nectar, are resting on the flowers and collect (for many insects bumpy, but not for bees) the pollen, which is thus carried from flower to flower to fertilize the flowers, granting fruit bearing and therefore ensuring the survival of the species...but let us return to our acacia! Everything seems to point to a good crop of acacia.
Not always the honey that is harvested during this period is only of acacia. We can not teach our bees where to collect the nectar and then, usually, for the honey harvest in May we talk of acacia honey, even if it is not 100%. If the season will continue with its mild temperatures and lack of rain we can probably pick up a honey  almost completely of Acacia and finally taste it together with the cheeses with which it goes wonderfully!

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