Grape harvest for the Vinsanto year 2009

The grapes harvest for the Vinsanto went well.
The last sunny days in September allowed the grapes to ripen in the Malvasia and Trebbiano in the best way! Now the grapes are in the vinsantaia, the ideal place to "rest."
In Tuscany we put the well-spaced bunches in "racks" (mats made of reeds from the lake side by side to each other) where they are left to "rest" until the end of December. In our Vinsantaia placed in the attic, the grapes are left to dry, well ventilated in order to lose as much water as possible. This process allows to concentrate the sugars contained in the berries of grapes! The wait however needs a lot of attention, the grapes that have been damaged in handling during harvesting can mold, sometimes then the "hurdles" are checked and the grapes or mildew grape are removed. The essence is to ensure the best possible air  in vinsantaia, in fact during the period of "rest" all the windows are open to allow the wind to come from all directions.

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