Grape harvest 2009!

This year the weather has not caused too much difficulty. Temperatures during the summer period have been high and dry avoiding the usual danger of Peronospera and Oidio.
In the next days we will decide the best time to start collecting.
It is because, even though the season has changed, the grape continues to mature and we must seize in its maximum sugar content.
We will start with the choice of white Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes for the Vinsanto. This is a careful collection done only by the most experienced people in the company because of their choice will depend on the outcome of the final product that we can try only after 5 years for classi Vinsanto while we will wait even 10 years for the Reserve one!
The gathering takes place in wooden boxes, taking care not to damage the grapes that are harvested with a small piece of branch (woody branch to which a bunch of grapes is attached) it will allow us to hang the grapes so that during the drying may it can dehydrate.

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