We have opened the Caratelli of Vin Santo!

To make the Vin Santo doesn't leave indifferent, it is a tradition that by now it is handed down from generation to generation.
When you arrive to the vinsantaia and you approach yourself to the caratelli you realize as the time flows. Today we have for every year groups of strokes that depart from 1998 and from year in year they reach the 2008.
This year we will open those of 1998!!

But before we must press the grape drying since September in the wicker frames. The withering as every year asks for a lot of attention; during that period the clusters are turned and checked eliminating those damaged.
The remained clusters are picked up with attention in wood boxes and courses to the Frangolatrice, we still use that manual one, the grape that passes through the frangola squeezing gently comes for breaking the peel. Without this passage the grapes during the pressing would not release their juice.

Then all the clusters are put in the press!

The season is perfect, the cold days of the first ones of January prevent the picked must to start to ferment.

We start to open the first Caratello year 1998, the wax that has sealed for 10 years the cork is dusty and firstly it is cleaned with the help of a rag, therefore with the help of a wood hammer and a chisel the layer of present wax is gently removed on the cork and slowly the cork is lifted. The first perfume is a first impression of the Vin Santo contained to the inside. Every caratello has its perfume but above all the intensity and the aroma are amazing indeed.

The yellow liquid that escapes can vary from the dark amber to the gilded color of the wheat, it is indeed an experience to try!

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