Pruning of Olives and grapevine!

From the pruning depends the ability of the plant to bear fruit in the next season. Both for oil and for the grapevines it is of fundamental importance to choose what branch to cut and what instead to leave.

For the Grapevine the main point is to cut all the shoots (they are the branches that it produces every year and in which the clusters of grape are found) of the preceding year leaving at least "2 eyes." The eyes are the gems that are in phase of dormancy well visible on the shoot and you should leave 2 beginning from the trunk of the plant. This evaluation must also be done being careful not to leave more than 10/15 gems for every single plant. To leave too gems risks to jeopardize the quality of the clusters of grape and therefore of the wine. In fact more clusters than grape produced from only one plant and smaller it will be the quality!

For the Olive tree the things are really more delicate. Every variety has its own characteristics and years of experience are necessaryto be able to prune well a plant. Fortunatly the olive tree is a very generous plant and even if badly pruned, it will always succeed in surviving. As a gold rule for oil is that a good pruner must succeed in giving a form to the plant and to remove the branches that won't bear fruit cutting a quantity of branch that "can stay in only one pocket."
In substance the less you prune the better it is.
Besides attention must be set to the branches that fold up towards earth because they will be those that will bear fruit, but also this rule doesn't always help us, because during the growind the olive tree changes the position of the smallest sprigs folding up them downward and making them become fertile. There is not in short anything to do and the last choice always is of the plant!

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