Our new orchard with old varieties!

Finally an orchard in our company!

In our agricultural firm we have always had fruit trees scattered along the various fields but today we have succeeded in realizing a real small orchard next to the farm with about 40 plants.

We have planted apple trees, plum trees, apricot tree, cherries, perished, peach tree, sorb, persimmon, etc.

The varieties are not the classical ones that are found in the various hatcheries but they originate from a careful selection served as Ugo Fiorini owner of the "Belfiore Hatchery", an unique hatchery in its kind that has selected in the years ancient thick abandoned varieties, bringing them to the light and preventing the extinction of it.

These varieties are not suited for the extensive cultivation but they have a lot of qualities.

The first of all is certainly that to be more resistant to the illnesses allowing us to raise them without the need of chemical substances both in phase of flowering and in that of fructification. Probably the size of the fruits is smaller of their cousins.
Also their aspect is quite different in the form in comparison to those that we see on the bench of the fruit or to the market but the thick taste it is really more intense and different for every variety of the same family.

Certainly we should still wait to taste them but the first footstep is made and we hope that the fruits will soon arrive!

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