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Box with Jam and Honey | 1 Plum Jam and 2 Honey, Bramble and Lime
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Box with Jam and Honey

Jam Plums, Lime Honey and Blackberry Honey

Honey comes from our 30 families of bees, in the package are two single-flower honeys more details that we produce at the Farm.
Blackbarry Honey:
The honey comes from the nectar of flowers of Blakbarry, the fruit born spontaneously in terraces planted with olive trees on the farm, honey made from it has an aromatic and delicate flavor.
Lime Honey:
It is harvested in June from the foraging of the linden flower nectar rich in scents, ideal for relaxing and soothing teas.

The Marmalade "Wild Plums" is realized by collecting the fruits from the trees scattered among the olive trees of the farm. The added sugar content is 40% let you to enjoy the flavor and aroma of ripe fruit.

The litter box is wooden rope size 28X11 cm.

Litter box Dimensions cm28X11
Jar of jam Plum Wild 250gr
Jar of Honey Bramble 500gr
Jar of linden honey 500g


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