An unique product directly from the nectar of the flowers without the hand of the man.
Perhaps it is not very correct, because in fact in the jars of Honey many hands or better fingers enter many times!
Who of you has not tasted honey in this way?
The bees in our company are a passion that we have maintained with tenacity. All of our beehives are biological, we don't use any chemical product as the antibiotic to defend our bees from the pathologies that have almost made disappear them in nature.
Our honey is therefore a natural honey. The beehives are all inside our firm and they feed from some spontaneous flowers that grow in our fields, also cultivated according to the biological regime.
In this section you can also find honey from one plant like Acacia, Chestnut tree etc., but they won't be always present, it often depends in fact from the seasonal conditions.
Sometimes the rain and the cold don't allow our bees to go out of the apiary
during the greatest flowerings, as for instance of the acacia.

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Organic Tilium Honey Il Cipresso
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Organic wildflower honey Il Cipresso

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