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Farm Il Cipresso

The Farm "Il Cipresso"
is a family farm and consists approximately of 2500 olive trees, 4 hectares (10 acres) of vineyard and 4 hectares of woods. In Our Farm we use the organic methods. For us it was not difficult to adapt to the organic agriculture since always we do not use pesticides or chemical products. The company is located in Tuscany near Arezzo and only a few kilometers from the Etruscan town of Cortona. More specifically we are at the foot of Mount Lignano (a natural Park) approximately 400m above sea level surrounded by olive trees planted in between traditional terraces, with their stone walls.

The ground beneath the olive trees is maintained as a lawn, this allows us to contain the erosion of the ground and cut the grass keeps the soil cool during the summer. In the farm we also have a small apiary from which we collect biological honey, propolis, pollen and wax. Our land are bordering with the nature reserve of Mount Lignano. This park consists mainly of oak-pine trees, heather and gorse is home to many wild animals including wild boar, deer, roe deer, mouflon sheep, rabbits, etc.. Often these wild animals visit the farm.
We produce, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Vin Santo , Chianti and White wine called Valdichiana white virgin, organic honey, organic propolis, organic jams, etc. ..

(This is just a small list! if you are Interested you can go to the OUR PRODUCTS link)
In the site you can find information about us, purchase our products and those of small local producers. if you have chosen to live, know our territories and tastes you can book a stay in holidays in our Farm.
This site is the result our passion all photos are taken strictly on our farm and surrounding areas!

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Midmature sheep milk cheese
Midmature sheep milk cheese from Pienza
Aristodemo 2015
Aristodemo 2015 Fattoria Il Cipresso
Box with Jams
Jam Wild Plums and Quince Farm
Box with Jams
Jam Wild Plums and Quince Farm
Almond Cookies - Cantucci
Biscotti with Almonds Fattoria Il Cipresso
Basket with 2 Wine
Vigneto Viola 2016 Arsitodemo 2016

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