Lime Tree Honey 500gr

Lime tree honey 500gr jar





Here is our Lime Tree Honey, harvested during the flowering of the lime trees on our Farm in June. This exquisite honey is ideal for breakfast, spread on a slice of crusty bread with butter, or it can be enjoyed with aged cheeses for more discerning palates. Made directly from the nectar of flowers, without human intervention. However, it must be said that sometimes someone’s hands or fingers can end up in jars of honey. Who has never tasted it this way? Bees are a passion that we cultivate with dedication within our company. Our hives are all organic and not treated with chemicals. Our honey is completely natural, as the bees feed on wild flowers grown in our fields, which are also cultivated according to organic standards.

A small clarification:

During the winter, this honey tends to crystallize. Don’t worry, today we are used to seeing liquid honey, but in nature only Acacia honey remains liquid. For all other types, crystallization is a natural phenomenon that confirms the genuineness of the product. Currently, for convenience, there is a tendency to thermally heat all types of honey after crystallization to make them liquid again. However, these thermal processes result in the loss of nutritional properties and natural fragrances. So, do not worry if honey solidifies, it just means that it has not been manipulated by man and comes from esclusivamente dall’opera delle api!

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Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 12 cm

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