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Our Family, for more than a century, has been passionately handing down the tradition of a land rich in history and products. The Il Cipresso farm on its grounds houses, among other things, about 5,000 olive trees and 4 hectares of vineyard, as well as woods and cultivated land. Our land borders the Rigutinelli Natural Park in Mt. Lignano. This park, consisting mainly of oak, pine, heather and broom plants, is home to many wild animals including wild boar, deer, roe deer, mouflon, hare etc. who often visit the farm as well.

Our production ranges from Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Vinsanto/Passito, Wines, Organic Honey, Propolis, Jams, Flours, Vegetables etc…

The entire farm is cultivated following the organic method. It was not difficult for us to comply with the specification for organic farming since we have always used neither pesticides nor pesticides.

The land, laid out with typical dry stone walls in terraces sloping towards the valley, is maintained as grassland. This allows us to contain erosion and runoff, and, in addition, the cut grass keeps the soil cool throughout the summer.


In the vineyards we grow Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and as white grapes instead the characteristic Trebbiano and Malvasia Toscana from these grapes we get about 6 labels of wine.

Arable lands

Another important product is our wheat; in the land designated for arable farming we grow ancient grains in rotation that are stone ground by a historic Mill “Molino Grifoni” active since 1600 in the famous Arno River valley called Casentino. Da cui ricaviamo farina biologica che utilizziamo per la preparazione quotidiana di pasta fresca e pane che potrete degustare nel nostro ristorante La Tabaccaia.


We have been producing high quality honey on the farm now for more than 30 years. The surrounding environment is particularly favorable for honey production due to the presence of a wide variety of flowers, which allows bees to produce genuine honey with a unique flavor. In addition, you can take beekeeping classes on the farm to learn about their amazing world up close.

Farmyard Animals

We also have a rabbit, chicken and hen farm on our farm that produces fresh eggs. The animals are raised on the ground and are free to roam among the fields. They are fed the wheat, barley and corn produced on the farm.

Vegetable and fruit gardens

Vegetable gardens and orchards complement our production from which we make the vegetables and jams that we use in our farm restaurant, the tabaccaia. The fruits are essentially wild fruits of ancient varieties.

Grifoni Water Mill since 1696

For more than 14 years we have been fortunate to mill our grains in the Grifoni mill, an authentic symbol of history and culture in Casentino. Since as far back as 1696, the Grifoni family has been using the power of water from the Solano River along with stone millstones to create a fragrant and flavorful flour.

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