Farm: The Mill

Grifoni watermill since 1696

The Grifoni brothers Andrea and Fabrizio represent an important part of the history of the Casentino valley.

For as many as 398 years, their family has handed down the miller’s art. We choose to grind our grains at them as we are fascinated by the quality and magic of this ancient place.

The millstones are driven by water from the Solano River, which flows quietly a short distance from the mill. The water, coming directly from the river, runs through a natural channel between oaks and meadows until it reaches the sturdy oak blades that set the stone millstones in motion, constantly maintaining the cold temperature of the stones to produce fragrant whole-wheat flour.

However, the real magic lies in the Buratto, an ancient tool devised by Leonardo da Vinci to separate the various fractions of freshly ground flour. In this instrument, again operated by water, you can observe the output of type 0, 1, 2 flour and bran, the last layer of the wheat grain.

A trip to Casentino to admire this authentic jewel of history is a must!

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