Little box with jams and honey

Wild Plum Jam and Lime and Wildflower Honey





The honey comes from our 30 Families of Bees, and the package includes the two most unique monofloral honeys we produce on the Farm.


Wild flower Honey

It is the honey that comes from the nectar of wild flowers , which grow in the terraces planted with olive trees on the farm , the honey made from it has an aromatic and delicate taste.


Wild-flower honey
is harvested in June from the foraging nectar of wild flowers, rich in fragrance and ideal for relaxing and calming herbal teas.


“Wild Plum” Marmalade is made by harvesting the fruit from the trees scattered among the farm’s olive groves. The added sugar content is 40 percent, allowing you to savor the flavor and fragrance of the ripe fruit.


The chest is made of wooden rope size 28X11 cm.

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Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 15 cm

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