Passito di Caratello 2009 Bottle 375ml

Passito di Caratello 2009 Bottle 375ml





The most striking aspect of our Passito is its brilliant amber color. Passito Riserva matures for 5 years inside Oak Caratelli barrels. In these small barrels (with a maximum capacity of 100 liters), the fresh must is sealed with wax lacquer without any additions and left to rest for 5 long years. After this period, the opening of the caratelli is an unmissable event here at the Farm.

Once you remove the wax lacquer sealing the top of the keg, you can immediately smell an intense fragrance… Each keg produces a slightly different product, which is surprising. This variation is caused by the temperature changes that occur in the caratello, which, following Tuscan tradition, is located in the attic of the winery. Our Vinsantaia is well ventilated with numerous windows that allow for excellent air circulation and continuous temperature changes throughout the year. These changes allow the must inside the caratelli to undergo discontinuous fermentation, that is, fermentation that stops when it is cold and resumes when it is warm, until it reaches the right amount of alcohol to stop the activity of the yeasts.

Another aspect that makes our Passito so special is that for every 100 lt of must at the end of the winemaking process you get a maximum of 30 lt!!! It is presented in an elegant cardboard package that enhances its contents!

It is ideal to pair with Cantucci (Biskotti) and/or dry pastries in general.

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Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 32 cm

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